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Welcome to Evergreen Health Care,one of the best nutritional supplements online store to buy your GNLD (neolife) dietary and health Supplements, multivitamins and minerals products

Evergreen health-care supplement is an online store that has the Authorization as a Independent Distributor of GNLD's food supplements products in Nigeria. For everyone in Nigeria, evergreen health care is a site to stop by and buy your wellness GNLD supplements. We sell and deliver GNLD's supplements to your door steps across Nigeria.

GNLD (golden neolife) core products and food supplements

gnld treenen supplement

GNLD Tre-en-en Supplement

GNLD Tre-en-en is a gnld supplement product that enhance the cellular nutrition for energy and vitality. It helps to replenish lipids and sterols, it supply nutrients food processing strips from whole grains and it feeds the cells.

gnld carotenoid complex supplement

GNLD Carotenoid Complex Supplement

GNLD Carotenoid complex is a gnld supplement product that help in the immune-boosting of the system. nutrient are from fruits & vegetables. It boost overall immune function by 30% in just 20 days

gnld salmon oil plus

GNLD Salmon Oil PLUS Supplement

GNLD Salmon Oil Plus is a gnld supplement product which is the first gnld supplement of its kind to deliver all 8 members of the omega-3 family involved in human nutrition - in a standardized amount.