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This GNLD's Full Motion FAQ is a listing of the most frequently asked questions about Full motion product

Q.Do athletes need Full Motion?

A. Joints often prematurely degenerate due to athletic activity or overuse causing premature arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms. Because an athlete's joints suffer more stress than a sedentary individual's, Full Motion™ supplement is recommended to support joint health while possibly delaying or reducing future joint degeneration associated with overuse.

Q. What is the purpose of Herbal Comfort Complex (HCC)?

A. When GNLD formulated Full Motion, our goal was to address the full-spectrum joint health needs of the customer. Because joint renewal or regeneration involves more than what glucosamine alone can provide, we included our exclusive Herbal Comfort Complex. HCC provides White Willow, Boswellia, and Bromelain - all ingredients strongly associated with the bodys natural mechanisms for minimizing joint pain and inflammation in biological pathways that glucosamine alone cannot address.

Q. Why is Boron added in Full Motion?

A. Boron is a trace mineral that reduces calcium loss and bone demineralization. There are often low levels of boron in the bones and joint capsules of arthritic patients. To ensure optimal boron levels, we included boron in Full Motion.

Q. What is the purpose of Regenerative Mineral Complex (RMC)?

A. Specific minerals play critical roles in joint health protection and regeneration. RMC is an exclusive blend of Zinc, Boron, and Silica that supports healthy collagen synthesis, synovial fluid balance, and bone to joint structure. Its presence in Full Motion™ assures a dietary abundance of these biologically critical minerals.

Q. Why did GNLD choose glucosamine hydrochloride, instead of glucosamine sulfate?

A. Full Motion™ utilizes glucosamine hydrochloride instead of sulfate for several important reasons. First, the sulfate form carries a high allergic potential for the many individuals allergic to sulfites. Second, glucosamine hydrochloride is more concentrated, thus the tablets can be smaller and easier to swallow. The hydrochloride form is also easier on the digestive tract. Finally, glucosamine hydrochloride has less sodium than the sulfate form, and limiting sodium intake should be a concern for all adults.

Q. Can I take Full Motion if I am taking other supplements?

A. Yes of course! You can use Full Motion™ in conjunction with any other GNLD nutritional supplements - in fact; we recommend you continue with your existing GNLD supplementation program.

Q. Can I take Full Motion if I am on medications?

A. There are no known negative interactions associated with the ingredients in Full Motion™ and prescription drugs. However, as with all of GNLD's nutritional supplements, if you are under a doctor's care, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor before using Full Motion.

Q. Both Full Motion and Formula IV Plus contain 100% of the daily value of Zinc. Will I be taking too much zinc if I take Full Motion and Formula IV Plus?

A. In general, a daily intake up to 75 mg of zinc is considered safe for the vast majority of the population. The total amount in Formula IV® Plus and Full Motion™ together is well within a safe daily intake.

Q. Can I take all three tablets at one time?

A. Yes. Spreading your consumption of Full Motion™ throughout the day may enhance absorption efficiency, but there is no reason to prevent you from taking all three tablets at one time.

Q. Can diabetic patients take products such as Full Motion since it contains glucosamine?

A. Absolutely! Diabetics can take Full Motion without worry about affecting insulin or blood-sugar levels.

Q. Can Full Motion cause my blood pressure to rise?

A. There are no ingredients in Full Motion that cause or exacerbate hypertension.

Q. Are there any side effects with using Full Motion?

A. Because Full Motion is not a drug, there are no side effects.

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