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Welcome to Golden Neo Life Diamite International! - A Network and Multi Level Marketing Business Company operating in over 50 countries Including Nigeria

Golden Neo Life Diamite (GNLD) International sits atop a foundation of success that began in 1958. This heritage of success makes GNLD an industry leader in Network and Multi Level Marketing Business in every way.

More Than 50 World Markets!

Golden NeoLife Diamite (GNLD) is an international company into networking and multi-level marketing, and has global support structure around the world, more than 50 countries including Nigeria. GNLD gives you access to a trillion dollar market!

GNLD's FDA Pharmaceutical License!

GNLD maintains a pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing License even though, as a nutritional supplement manufacturer, they are under no requirement to do so. This opens up every aspect of their operation to many things, including unannounced inspection by FDA inspectors.

World's Finest Health Products!

Golden NeoLife Diamite's unmatched commitment to following Nature's Blueprint when creating their health products, coupled with the leading-edge research of GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board, guarantees the finest health products available - anywhere!

Since 1958, GNLD has been making a positive difference in people's lives, and today are globally recognized leader in product innovation and technology. With leading-edge products that fulfill genuine human needs, it's easy to see why GNLD's products inspire consumer confidence and enjoy a reputation as "Simply the Best!"

As long as you are in business with GNLD, here's a fact you can bank on: GNLD products work! The popularity of GNLD products is the result of honest performance rather than high-powered advertising. GNLD confidently support all products with a money-back guarantee. Offers to supports you as a customer. Here's why:

  • GNLD's world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board guides the research and development of GNLD products.
  • GNLD products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the finest raw materials available.
  • GNLD products undergo extensive quality control throughout production.
  • Environmental sensitivity guides every decision made about product manufacture, use, and disposal.

The excellence and efficiency of GNLD's products makes it effective for you as a customers. Even Many GNLD purchasers have become customers for life, and it's not uncommon for one generation in a family to share GNLD products with the next.

GNLD products provide the foundation for a solid customer base, with repeat business the norm, making GNLD a sought-after business opportunity worldwide.

Year after year, GNLD has offered smart solutions: leading-edge products that are safe, effective, and easy on the environment. Pproviding a dependable supply of products that are a good value for the money. Reflecting a long-term commitment to health and prosperity, GNLD products line is the key to rare longevity in an intensely competitive industry. It includes:

About the Founder


Beginning at the age of 19, GNLD founder Jerry Brassfield has pursued his vision of creating the best natural whole-food supplements in the world to help people achieve healthy and active lifestyles

  • As a young boy, Jerry suffered from life threatening illness Asthma and hay fever precisely that did not respond to medical treatment, and it was only when his mother discovered natural whole food supplements and added them to his daily routine, that he recovered his health.
  • Today Jerry Brassfield's vision has become a reality as GNLD has changed thousands of lives in many countries around the world- allowing people to achieve optimal health and realize their dreams


GNLD Founder Jerry Brassfield story

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