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GNLD amitone supplement Supports the muscle protein retention for bodybuilding, For flat tommy & Weight loss

GNLD Weight loss Supplements product: Ami − tone
Ami−tone supplement


Code: 2770
(1 x 90tablets)
Dosage: Take 3
tablets 3 hours
after your last
meal with enough

During the development years of childhood and adolescence, our bodies exist in a state of continuous growth. In order to support this growth and control the utilization of nutrients, our pituitary gland produces a substance called human growth hormone (hGH). This hormone is the "controller" of the whole growth process and, for the vast majority of us, it does a very good job.

Later in life, usually in our early twenties when our bodies have reached adult form, the pituitary cuts back on its production of hGH. For many of us, this signals a slowing of the metabolic activities that utilize energy to support growth. This creates unneeded energy that our bodies begin to store as tommy and belly fat. As we accumulate fat, our body tone (fat to lean tissue ratio) begins to slip away.

GNLD best weight loss pills Ami-Tone supplement, is a amino acid supplement for weight loss which also provides the body with the same amino acids and other nutrients that work with hGH, supporting the utilization of fat for energy and the production of lean body tissue. These nutrients combine to create an amino acid balance similar to that of our youthful growth and development period.

lady weight loss for flat tommy


Most people know the benefit of exercise and healthy living but often complain that even if they go to the gym they don't lose weight. This is mostly because the body isn't burning fat instead it is using up sugar in the blood.

To utilize fat so as to burn it for flat tummy, and for energy so that you may achieve a lean toned body I recommend: GNLD AMI-TONE AMINO ACID, A FAT BURNING SUPPLEMENT.

lady weight loss for flat tommy belly-before-after gnld amitone

For sportmen and bodybuilding people, GNLD Amitone is a food supplement that supports to buld your lean muscles and make you fit for optimum health statue. It has no side-effects and is totally natural.

GNLD Amitone supplement Features includes:
  • 100% naturally occurring free form amino acids for rapid absorption and utilization.
  • Complete formula containing free form amino acids, chelated minerals and selected herbs; supports the bodily functions of muscle protein retention, fat mobilization, lean tissue development and overall body toning.
  • Chelated calcium, magnesium and zinc for improved absorption of these metabolic electrolytes.
  • Valerian and chickweed for their energy and stamina related benefits.
  • Timed dose, taken 3 hours after last meal with much water before bedtime, allows for specific amino acid blood level increase while sleeping.
  • The amino acids in this formula are of plant origin.
GNLD Amitone - one of the best top amino acid supplement product pills was proven to have the following benefits:
  • Natural Muscle toner and also good for body builders as it is a natural product
  • Your body does the work.
  • Sensible eating and regular, moderate exercise will improve success.
  • Ami-Tone is SAFE, it has no appetite depressants
  • You can use it with confidence.
  • Helps assure a pleasant, restful sleep.
  • Works in sync with body's natural cycles: timed dose, taken at bedtime, utilizes regular, nightly fluctuations of amino acid blood levels.
lady weight loss for flat tommy after GNLD Amitone supplemet product

Before and After the used of GNLD Amitone Supplement product

GNLD Amitone Amino Acid Supplement Nutritional Information

Serving per container 25
Per 20g Serving Per 100g Serving
Energy 313kJ 1565kJ
Protein 16.6g 83g
Carbonydrate 0.9g 4.5g
Total Fat 0.5g 2.5
Sodium 202mg 1010mg
Potassium 32mg 160mg
Use GNLD Ami-tone Supplement in addition to this few workouts for flat tommy and belly fat
Exercise for belly fat and flat tommy workout
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