Business Testimonial — East Africa

Real People, Real Success - East Africa Stories

Fill Your Life with Success, Hope and Happiness

Patrick Mugambi, Kenya

Patrick joined GNLD in 2003 while working as an accountant at a bank. Just 3 years later he joined GNLD fulltime. "I always knew this Opportunity had the potential to help me achieve all my dreams. Today I am able to give my children a fine private education and see them grow up with everything they need in life. I live in a good neighborhood, drive the car of my dreams and the thing I am excited most about is that I have been able to purchase my own home. I have seen my life change from one of depression, to one full of hope, success and happiness."

Health is your great wealth

Dorah & Ayub Juma, Tanzania

"Before we came across GNLD we were both retired, I was a Mechanical Engineer and Dorah a Nurse tutor and to make ends meet we literally tried everything from farming to baking and even decorating. We had poor wealth, poor health, no hope and no quality of life. Thanks to GNLD's excellent Products and Business Opportunity we have turned our lives around. We now look and feel younger and are in an excellent financial position. GNLD has blessed us with personal development, positive attitudes and confidence. Our goal is to help as many people as we can reach their dreams through this wonderful Opportunity."

Turn your Life Around

Peter & Elizabeth Wambugu, Kenya

Peter and Elizabeth both worked as hawkers in a market and could not afford to provide their family with everything they needed. "We had a small child who needed to be fed; we needed bus fare to travel home from the city and at times had to borrow money from friends." Since joining GNLD in 2003, things have dramatically turned around for Peter and Elizabeth. "We have since moved out of the slums and have our own house. We have been able to buy a second car as well". GNLD has allowed us to travel to South Africa, USA, and London amongst other places. We are full of hope and see a bright future for our GNLD Business.

The Opportunity that Transforms Lives

Ignatius & Rucetah Njeru, Kenya

"We've transformed our lives and developed personally through knowledge and skills gained from GNLD. Together we have worked and succeeded in making our dreams a reality. Because of the freedom that we have we are able to spend time with our family and community and not have the stress of making ends meet. When we said "Yes!" to the Opportunity, we made the best decision of our lives. Since then we've lived a fulfilled life. Our life-changing story is a testimony that GNLD works!"

Empower those around you.

Sam & Miriam Kanakulya, Uganda

Sam first learnt about GNLD in 1996 when attending a GNLD Event in South Africa. So impressed was he, that he immediately started a business in Uganda. “We joined not so much for the financial benefits, but more so that we could empower those around us. I believe the only way to help yourself, is to help those around you at the same time. It doesn't matter what your education, gender or background is, all you need is a will to better yourself. With GNLD we have showed our children the path to living a fulfilled and wonderful life. GNLD offers a beacon of hope and faith in the future. Joining GNLD was the most powerful, life-changing decision we've ever made."

Retire at 23!

Janet Nawuga, Uganda

Because of the financial freedom I've attained through GNLD I've been able to retire early - at 23! I can afford to go for holiday at least once a year, every year! For me it's definitely not just a job. I have great fun running my GNLD Business and have had amazing experiences and I have travelled to places like Cape Town, San Francisco and London. Through GNLD any person, young or old, can secure themselves a bright and prosperous future."

Watch GNLD International - New 1 Diamond Director Janet Navvuga Kanakulya shares her story!

Get a head start in life

David Saturday, Uganda

"I worked in a dairy shop selling milk while studying dentistry. Life was very tough for me. For as long as I can remember I was constantly in arrears. I could not even afford taxi fare, so I used to walk 12 km to and from home every day. I was frustrated, confused and desperate. In 2006 I attended a GNLD Business Opportunity presentation with a class mate, and since that day I have never looked back. In 1 year I cleared all my debts, the year after I bought my very first car, which no one my age could afford. I have moved from the single room into my own 3 bed roomed house. I now help pay fees for many of my relatives and at the moment I am building a house for my parents, all thanks to GNLD."

Make history with GNLD

Olivia Turamyomwe, Uganda

"In 2008 I graduated from secretarial college with the hope of getting a good job in Kabale, but after months of being unemployed I decided to move to Kampala with my aunt. I got a job as a barmaid, but could still not afford to pay for all my basic needs. One day I overheard a work colleague talking to someone about the GNLD Business Opportunity. Since that day my life has changed. With GNLD's help I was the first young woman to buy land in my village. I have achieved things beyond my dreams."



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