GNLD Neolife Minerals Nutritional Supplement Product — Chelated Iron

GNLD Cheleted Iron Supplement Supports oxygen rich blood,health skin,Protein Metabolism & for pregnant women

GNLD Cheleted Iron trace mineral supplement product
Chelated Iron


(1 x 100 tablets)

Iron is one of the most important elements in nutrition and of fundamental importance to life. It is a key component of proteins which carry oxygen in the blood and muscles. Iron must be supplied by the diet, yet dietary iron is poorly absorbed. GNLD's Chelated Iron features whole-food iron from blackstrap molasses, and is chelated with amino acids for improved absorption.

Furthermore, iron can be recommend for women during menstration and as a nutritional supplement for pregnant women as a multivitamin-mineral for women after child-birth

What are the benefits of iron supplement?
  • Iron is essential for overall well-being.
  • It is present in every living cell of the human body.
  • Iron helps maintain healthy red blood cells which play a role in oxygen transportation.
  • On average, only 10% of the iron ingested in foods is absorbed and utilized for crucial bodily functions.
Why GNLD trace mineral chelated iron supplement product?
  • High potency and purity - from pharmaceutical-grade iron.
  • Chelated for improved absorption - In our unique chelation process, pharmaceutical-grade iron is bound to naturally occurring amino acids derived from milk protein. In this exclusive process, two amino acid molecules bond with each iron atom to form our exclusive 2-to-1 iron-amino acid chelate. Tests show that amino acid chelation improves iron absorption.
  • Whole food iron from naturally iron-rich blackstrap molasses.
Benefits of GNLD's trace mineral chelated iron supplement product
  • It helps in the metabolism of amino acids
  • It prevents Anemia
  • It controls the oxygen capacity in the blood
  • Improves protein metabolism
  • Improves resistance against stress and infection
  • Counteracts tiredness, listlessness, and depression
GNLD's trace mineral chelated iron supplement product dosage

Children 4-11 years: half tablets daily, Adults: Take 1 tablet daily as a supplementary source of iron.

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