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My Story as a GNLD's (Golden Neo life Diamite) Distributor.

Since I created my GNLD Neolife distrbutor's website, people want to know why I use the internet to share GNLD health products and why I chose GNLD as the best company to work with. I believe people think I am just in this to earn a living, so I want to directly address this concern.

I initially got involved with GNLD 5 years ago, during my schooling years in the university where I studied Computer Engineering, but was so keen to my studies but never knew i will be helping lives regarding to health and financial freedom. 2013, i got back the opportunity but despite what I studied at the university, I have the passion for people's health and welfare and with the intention to help myself gain better health, to feel better, to look better and to live a longer, more productive life. I joined GNLD as a Distributor with the intention of just getting the products at a discount price. Back then, I never thought about using the internet to share the products and to share the opportunity -- Once I experienced the products, I could not keep them a secret! My intentions shifted to wanting to help other people experience the same thing I had experienced -- incredible health, energy, youthfulness and immunity. That desire has never changed, and after few years of using and sharing the products with my daily acquaintances, I realized I could have an even larger influence by using the internet -- I could reach more people than I could just from my day to day interactions with people I talk to.

As a young man full of passion to add virtues and value to this generation of ours, I went into learning a bit of website designing so as to have an idea of how the internet can help reaching as many people having issues with health and looking for opportunities in changing their lives positively so I decided to create my own GNLD website. I am sharing everything I know about health, dietary recommendations, and how to address nutritional conflicts that are an underlying factor in nearly all diseases. I also wanted to share the amazing income opportunity that GNLD offers. I draw most of my nutritional information from the incredible knowledge I gain from GNLD international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and GNLD's outstanding product line-- using the products now for years and witnessing for myself the tremendous, positive results achieved from each and every products.

GNLD international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is what makes it possible to provide all this valuable information to you -- information that has, and continues to make, a real difference in so many people's lives.

I've spent years seeing people try a large variety of natural therapies and homeopathic products and I have observed just how in-effective they were. I feel that many would benefit from my experience and wanted to share GNLD's incredible products on-line. I put everything I have learned on the site, I held nothing back, and I continue to add to the website anytime I discover a new technology, new uses for the GNLD products, and or anytime GNLD has new international health news information to pass down. There aren't any "secrets" that I haven't already put on the website -- if I know about it; I add it to the website. Since I have start this then it took off and I have achieved GNLD's Director Status. To understand what is GNLD's Director Status, Please click The Marketing Plan to see what the Director Status is and its benefits. It is so exciting to me to be able to be such a positive influence on other people's lives!

My on-line business could have grown at a MUCH faster rate. I could have started using paid advertising, or get investors, or use dirty internet tactics to shove out the competition. But I didn't want to be handcuffed to endorse anything I didn't truly believe in. My purpose was to share products that I personally believe in and can comfortably endorse -- products that I could bet my life on and to share the opportunity. I have only found that through GNLD! The fact that I am making a full-time income sharing the products is just a side benefit!

It is important to me that the health products I use and recommend to others are not only the best, but are created by a company with the highest level of integrity. GNLD accomplishes that for me and much more. I want to thank GNLD Neolife for this wonderful healthy products and business opportunity and my friend Mr Casmire Okafor, who took the time to introduce me on how I can reach more people looking for how to improve their health and how the people can see more business opportunities with GNLD online

Be sure to spend some time here on this site. Be assured that GNLD offers a direct sales business franchise opportunities for anyone and everyone to enjoy the best of personal health and wellness and the added benefit of an unequalled and exceptional home based business that can earn the benefits of an increased income and a lifestyle that most people only dream about. GNLD can be stocked on the shelves in businesses as long as they maintain an appointment book! Do you know or have you ever introduced any client or customers to any chiropractors, dentists, hairdressers, massage therapists, and you were paid by them for that? Absolutely i don't think so, But with GNLD's Business opportunity, introduce people to this opportunity as i am to you and receive commissions that will make you feel grossly overpaid!!! You will have no regrets and your life will change forever for the better. But whether you just want to use the products or whether you want to get involved in a great business, you will benefit either way. Please feel free to contact me in person for more information. If you prefer to use the phone, call +2347037924908

Rich or Poor - Healthy or Unhealthy - Fulfilled or Unfulfilled - Happy or Unhappy - It's your choice so choose wisely and remember: Health is Wealth!

Thank you for visiting my website!

Edun Michael

ID No. 63/2840696
Authorized Distributor
GNLD International
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