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Sports and Nutrition go hand-in-hand, which today top athletes make diet and nutrition top priorities.



2004 Olympic Games Athens 4x100m¬-Gold
Metal and world Record
2006 Common Wealth Games selection
2007 NCAA – 2 Gold Medals

"I started using GNLD products in April of 2008, and I am really starting to feel the difference in my energy levels. As a sport's person, I find that my recover quickly after rigorous physical training sessions in preparation of the olympics later this year; I could not have started my GNLD products at a better time than now, when I need it most. I am aiming for Gold with GNLD!"

Products are: Tre-en-en, Nutrishake, Phyto-Defense, Ami-tone, Fibre Tablets,Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus, Cal-Mag and Masculine Herbal Complex

GNLD Sports Ambassador Darian Townsend talks about GNLD Neo Life Supplements Products



Fitness and Body Builder
6th World Championship Barcelona
2nd Estonian Championship 2007
2nd Fitness World Championship and Estonian fitness
Champion 2006

"By supplementing my diet with GNLD's whole-food supplements, I feel I can perform in competitions at an optimal level. Because of the natural and clean products, I feel secured if I am ordered to go for doping test. I can strongly recommend these products to anyone who wants to feel good and look great."

Products are: Wheat germ oil, Garlic Allium, Aloe Vera Plus, Cal-Mag, Cruciferous Plus, Vitamin A & D, Vitamin C sust. Release, Masculine Herbal Complex and GR2 Control


DARREN LILL, South Africa

Represented South Africa in the world Road Race
Championships in Belgium,
Pick ´n´ Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge, Tour de Langkawi
Elite National Championships.

"GNLD nutritional products feed my energy levels and help my body repair from the demands cycling makes of it. I wouldn't be a day without them."

Products are: Nutrishake, Omega 3 Salmon Oil, Phyto-Defense, Cal-Mag, Chelated Zinc, Masculine Herbal Complex, Chelated Iron and GR2 Meal Rep. Protein



2003/04 - Total of 954 runs at an average of 190.80

"GNLD products have always made such a difference to my general health and stress levels-particularly when travelling over the globe and competing internationally."

Products are : Tre-en-en, Phyto-Defense, Nutrishake, Omega 3 Salmon Oil plus, Cal-Mag, Masculine Herbal Complex and Full Motion



Member of 2004 NCAA Women's Golf Championship Team
Named the 2004 Most Inspiring Athlete at UCLA
Joined Future Tour 2004
Runner-up in the Golf Channel's Big Break IV: Trump
National series 2006.

"I started with Tre-en-en because after a full day of Golf, I found that my energy was low. In less than three weeks, though, I could feel the difference. I am impressed with GNLD products because of the science behind them and I like the fact that they are based on sources found in our natural food chain. I make the Protein Shake before and pack them in my lunch cooler and they keep my blood sugar level balanced during my five hours golf"

Products are: Tre-en-en, Cal-Mag, Full Motion, Feminine Herbal Complex, GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein shake, Phyto-Defense, Vitamin E and Omega 3



Winner President's Cup 2007
2nd Asia Formula 3 Pacific series 2007

"Cal-Mag protects me from the cramps I usually get when racing. And GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake are something that I must have before the race to have enough energy throughout the race. I have used these products for four years and I can easily recommend them, not only to athletes but also to the average person who wants to stay healthy and feel good as possible."

Products are: Cal-Mag, Tre-en-en, Vitamin A&D, Full Motion, Carotenoid Complex, Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus, and GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake



Undisputed Super Lighweight World Champion
Two Time IBF world Champion
WBC World Champion
WBA World Champion
Ring Magazine World Champion
World Emeritus world Champion
31 wins, 2 losses, 1 no contest

"My belief in life is to be healthy; that is how live my life, and with GNLD, I can see my life being healthier for longer. With GNLD, I think it is a way to help other people. I have spent my whole life being healthy and many people don't know what they are missing."

Products are: Tre-en-en, Formula IV Plus, Salmon Oil Plus, Phytodefense, Cal-Mag, Chelated Zinc, Masculine Herbal and GR2 Meal Replacement protien shake.



Two Gold, Two Silver and one Bronze medal in
Swedish Championship
Gold in the Nordic Championship

"GNLD products have helped me achieve my goals. When I start the hockey session, my goals are to stay healthy, to keep my energy level high, and to not loose the strength and endurance I build over the summer. By using GNLD products, I am able to perform at my peak the entire session"

Products are: Tre-en-en, Cal-Mag, Full Motion, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E, Salmon Oil Plus, and GR2 Meal Replacement Protien Shake

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