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Here are testimonials from customers and distributors who use GNLD's products to improve their health. Testimonials here only shows the part balance diet in taking dietary supplements play in maintaining good health and so should not be used to replace medication.

Click and watch the testimonies, Breast Cancer disappeared (Joan P. for GNLD)

GNLD NEOLIFE Product Testimonials - Eugene, Eye Sight Improves 40% in 60 days

Click and watch the testimonies, No more fatigue, allergies, and chronic cough!

Prostatic Enlargement Constrained

A man had prostate issues for more than 5 years, whereby his urine do splits into two or more when he urinates with sometime chronic pains in his urethra. Until he used GNLD's wonderful products: Tre-en-en, Chelated Zinc, and Masculine Herbal his prostate issue disappeared.

Hypertension comes back to normal

A man (Mr Chukwudi) using hypertensive drugs and never worked on his diet; this makes it difficult to recover from this terrible sickness. He started taking GNLD's supplements the like of Garlic Allium, Salmon Oil plus and one other, and changed his diet to a more nutritious type. Today he is free from living on drugs!

Chronic and Frequent Malaria Fever stopped

People with frequent malaria and fever testified that after using the following products, Such Acute diseases stopped. They became healthy again and go about their business. They use Garlic Allium, Carotenoid and some other to achieve permanent result.

Chronic Ulcer and Heart burn disappeared

"I suffered from serious chronic ulcer and heart-burn before using the GNLD products. But with the help of Omega-3, Chelated Zinc and Aloe Vera Plus that problem is a gone forever!" –Mr Oyekunbi

Post-Menopausal Symptoms (PMS) Problems Solved!

"After my 50years I still saw my menstruation, yet with chronic pains and abdomen pains. This sometimes comes when I never planned and gives discomforts, I have used drug to control my hormones but to no avail. Until I used GNLD products such as Feminine Herbal, Formula IV and one other with my doctor's prescription, the menopausal symptom disappeared."- Mrs. Abigail

Impotency and Libido increases

"Some years ago, I had the inability to mate with any woman; despite all medications I still have a low libido where I cannot last long in bed. I was introduced to GNLD natural herbal remedy nutritionals and my long term impotency and libido increases, using masculine herbal, Ami-tone, Vitamin E and one other."- Mr. Ambrose

Fibroid of 8 years constrained without a surgery

"I was developing an abnormal growth from the muscle tissue of my uterine wall this causing bleeding and discomfort even caused me my giving birth which led to miscarriage. I have done surgery on it, but it grew up again. Until when I used my medications prescribed to me by my doctor, changed my diets and used some of GNLD supplements such as Cruciferous plus, Feminine Herbal and three others that it was constrained totally. This gave way to my child bearing"- Mrs. Aderibigbe

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism disappeared

"I have been suffering from arthritis and rheumatism since i was 23 years old, now i am 32 years old, for about 9 years i suffered bone diseases. But when i was introduced to GNLD business i started using GNLD supplements products such as Tre-en-en, CalMag, Omega 3 Salmon Oil plus and one other. Since then i no long have bone diseases. GNLD products are the best - Mrs patience Oluwayomi".

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